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Dryland Wakeboard


MSc Product Engineering Design Project Brief (2013): 

Design a wakeboard training aid for Scottish event company COS (Scotland) Ltd.

There are a number of issues associated with learning how to wakeboard...

+   You fall... a lot.
+   Your muscles ache... a lot.
+   You will get wet... a lot (even in a dry suit!).
+   You will get frustrated... a lot.

These factors are only made worse when learning to wakeboard in the oh so very chilly lochs of Scotland where water temperatures rarely exceed 5 degrees (centigrade by the way). 

Working within a mixed team of design and mechanical engineers, I had a lot of fun creating a simulator concept to help wakeboard novices in Scotland learn to wakeboard, without having to dip a toe into any ice cold Scottish lochs.


Working with events company COS (Scotland) Ltd, the project brief was to produce a simulator for wakeboarding that can be used indoors, allowing for the basics of wakebaording to be mastered, before setting foot into the water.